English Biography

Photos casting vocal coach 18-18-28 2Andréanne Alain is a vocal coach, singer-song-writer and arranger who has been active in the cultural and musical scene for the past 18 years. She also tours with artists as a back-up singer and on keyboards. She has worked in recent years with artists such as : Robert Lepage, Luc De Larochellière, Diane Dufresne, Marie Denise Pelletier, Le Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Yoan and Daniel Lavoie.

Ms Alain offers vocal workshops for artists and for anyone who wishes to develop their vocal potential and creativity through voice and self-expression. Her ongoing clients are L’Union des artistes and l’École nationale de cirque as well as a wide variety of vocal festivals : Rencontres qui chantent, at Petite-Vallée, in Gaspésie and the Concours Ma Première Place des Arts, to name a few. She also conducts circle singing workshops throughout the year.

Ms Alain studied classical voice and then Jazz Performance (voice) with Ranee Lee at McGill. Her love of jazz and vocal improvisation, and the work of artists such as Bobby McFerrin have motivated her to study with the teacher/artist Rhiannon.