Liens utiles

Les livres que je consulte:

  1. Le tao de la voix, Stephen Chun-Tao Cheng
  2. La voix énergie (Instrument de nos émotions) Jacques Bonhomme
  3. Voice and the Alexander technique, Jane Ruby Heirich
  4. Singing with your whole self, The Feldenkrais Methode and Voice, Samuel H. Nelson and Elizabeth Blades-Zeller
  5. The Structures and Movement of Breathing, Barbara Conable
  6. What every musician needs to know about the body, Barbara Connable
  7. Chanter de tout son corps, Johanne Raby, Dr. Françoise P Chagno
  8. The art of singing (Discovering and developping your true voice), Jennifer Hamady
  9. Finding your voice, Carolyn Sloan
  10. SOS VOIX, Yael Benzaquen
  11. La voix qui guérit, Philippe Barraqué
  12. Singing for the Stars, Seth Riggs ( A complete program for training your voice)
  13. Love your voice, Roger Love
  14. Roger Love’s vocal power, R. Love