Learning to sing with video tutorials

Hi to all you music lovers!

For those who would like to start singing or master new vocal skills with the help of video tutorials I say Hourray but beware…

There is alot of nonsense out there so I’d like to suggest some videos that I find very useful and that I believe can be helpful in your quest for using your voice to it’s full potential. I truly believe though that eventually a live vocal lesson, in person with a teacher you trust is the ebst way to learn about your voice.

Here are singing videos I recommend:

How To Sing From The Diaphragm (Part 1) (there is part2-3-4 also)

Professional Vocal Warmup 1 – « Opening Up The Voice »

And one of my personnal favorites are from New York vocal coach Justin Stoney. He has a whole series on different vocal issues.

For example: The Baritone Curse, Head voice vs falsetto, Developping Head voice power, How to not strain your voice, How to belt, What is vocal twang, How to improve your vibrato…and so on.

Ep. 79 « Healthy Speaking For Singing and Life »

Feel free to share with us any voice video that you personally have found useful.

Sing on!

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